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Minerics Game Minerics Game

Miners need to walk around the underground route to pick up the gems. Stay tuned for the blue miner need to get the blue and red stones miner must get the red rocks

Gold Miner 2 player Gold Miner 2 player

Open up your wisdom with millions of gold waiting for you to dig, use props within the game will make your game more fun, and countless hurdles challenge you. Competition with friends to share the fun with the process of the game.

Cops Vs Supers Cops Vs Supers

The populace have voted, everyone is sick of the Superheroes doing what they please. It's time to take them down with the long arm of the law. Use your police officers and arrest the Superheroes.

Ben 10 Humongous Run Ben 10 Humongous Run

This time Omnitrix has chosen Humungousaur to get into action. Your task is to reach the destination without falling into pits. Get extra points by dashing enemies all along the way

Mario Arctic Adventure Mario Arctic Adventure

Mario is somehow turning into a penguin in the middle of nowhere. Now he is not able to use his fireball due to the transformation. He has to use snow balls since he is a penguin. Help Mario fight his way out with the new snowball ability.

Pokemon Black & Blue Gotta Free'em all Pokemon Black & Blue Gotta Free'em all

The Pokémons had it enough with the cruel trainers who were just ruthlessly exploiting them. It's time to raise a rebellion under the command of Pikachu and show those nasty exploiters that the Pokémons are living creatures too and are worth living f

Spiderman Combo Biker Games Spiderman Combo Biker Games

Spiderman Combo Biker Games The mini spider man decided to face this challenge with a crazy bike ride to help him and jump as high as you can and radical scoring points to advance to the next stages, attention but be careful not to get carried away

Diego Baby Zoo Rescue Diego Baby Zoo Rescue

Diego must rescue the baby animal from indian and bring them back to the zoo . can you help diego ?

Elemental Tower Defence Elemental Tower Defence

Elemental Tower Defence is a interesting TD game combining elemental towers with a modern concept. I played this game for a while and it is quite fun! Although it has some things which are annoying(charging the generator) they add a challenge to it a

Ben10 UltiMatrix Ben10 UltiMatrix

YOu gotta help Ben10 survive in Ultimatrix, a world full of monsters and many dangerous sutff. Beat all the levels!

Beach Serving Game Beach Serving Game

Life on the beach is awesome. There is the place where you can get fun and forget about school, work or problems. Here is the place where you relax and do what you like to do. Last week you came on the beach and opened a new fast food stand in order

Angry Mario Angry Mario

The Angry Mario flash game is a combo of Angry Birds meet Mario in this physics structure knocking adventure. Kill all the Goombas to win the level. Play up to 10 levels !Shoot Mario out of the cannon using your best strategy to knock down the towers

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